Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Build - Wk 7

This week seemed to drag with tedious jobs to do….more concrete was needed to be mixed by hand to fill in some of the stump holes that needed a little more fill.  Then the stumps were fitted and the holes backed filled with dirt, then the fill needed to be tamped down.  So, lots of shovelling, digging, tamping.  Also three plinths were formed up out of concrete to hold the three major posts supporting the roof along with the section that will hold the rock fireplace wall.

Then there was the de-barking of the celery top pines.  Been so freshly cut, this has proven to be another laborious job, undertaken with a chisel and mallot.  There are a couple of older logs there (ie: cut a little while ago) and the bark just peels off by hand or a shovel – oh joy!  Three done, fourty odd to go! The poles did not go up this week, but now they have been stripped, hopefully next week...

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