Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Build - Wk 30

The plastering is now all but finished.  Giant heaters are being used to dry the place out so that it will be ready for sealing, sanding and painting.  More framework is being completed, including the framework for the four window seats.

The Build - Wk29

More walls and ceiling being plastered, more windows going in, more estapoling… more of the same really.  Just so much to do!  But each day, it is taking shape and looking more and more like a dwelling. One pleasing thing has been the extra amount of light coming in now that there is plaster on the high ceiling – even before it is painted. The clerestory window works!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Build - Wk 28

The plasterers arrived this week and made good progress in just a few days. Most of the ceiling insulation is up and the walls are going in quick. The double glazed windows also arrived and were delivered to the shed…now is the boring job of estapoling the internal wood on the windows. And let me tell you that double glazed windows are heavy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Build - Wk 27

The house is now FULL of plaster sheets and ceiling insulation.  Funny that an empty house could get so full!  Also arrived was the lovely porthole and gothic picture windows for stained glass and the gothic style door.  Both being put in place as I write and lots of render being put around them. 

Also, since we had some bright spark on site a few weeks ago who wanted to know what we were doing with the void above the bedrooms…this is now being floored and walled to house the ancestral train set (!)  A pull down ladder also arrived to allow access into this latest room.

I finally sourced some lovely old (1880) doors from the wonderful Stef at Red Shed.  They are going to look great in the house.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Build - Wk 26

Even more rendering…..with the outside first coat complete, more work is being done inside.  Also any timber that is being featured, such as lintels, window seats, window frames is receiving a couple of coats of satin finish polyurethane. 
Thinking about getting a few horses on site to clean up all the leftover straw…save sweeping, wouldn’t it?!

The Build - Wk 25

More rendering… And some work to prepare the inside of the roof for ceiling plaster has been  undertaken.  There have been some really bitterly cold days on site this week.