Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Build - Wk 37

More work this week on internal rendering and by weeks end it is all but done.  Work was also done on the underside of the veranda to finish off the plaster.  Our feeder water tank arrived and the plumber was busy installing.

The Build - Wk 36

Toby has been busy all week rendering the final coat on the interior walls and it really finishes the rooms off. 

The Build - Wk 35

The rough cut timber hallway wall is all but done and looks fabulous.  It adds another rustic feature to the house.  The carport has now also been skinned and painted.

The Build - Wk 34

Preparation for the hallway wall commenced with lots of noggins added ready to attach the rough cut timber, cut from timber on our property.  The exterior sunroom walls have now been clad and look really smart.  The sunroom understandably is becoming a popular spot for the builders to have lunch J