Monday, February 13, 2012

The Build - Wk 6

We were blessed with great weather this week and everything went according to plan.  The excavator was on site for four days digging out the 100+ holes and did an awesome job. 

The concrete pump arrived at 7am Saturday morning and a succession of concrete trucks followed them up the hill to fill in all the stump holes to 600mm below the surface. Also the carport site now has a slab. With the cut and fill done in previous weeks, some of the holes were over 2 metres deep, so the building site was a no-go zone for the two kids this week….just in case we lost them down a hole! 

The beautiful celery top pine poles arrived on site, cut fresh from the forest the day before. They are some of the best our builder has ever seen.  Normally the forestry department either burns or buries such wood as it does not suit their requirements for wood-chipping. A scandalous waste! Everyone is looking forward to getting out of the ground the week after next, once the stumps and poles are in place and do some proper building!

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