Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Shed

It is hard to believe that Graeme’s dream of a man-shed (warehouse) would be a year in the making…but it was.  We purchased the steel for the shed in December 2010 to beat the large increase in steel prices on the 1st of January.  The next job was placing an application into council to approve the shed…a process that we thought would be straightforward, but in hindsight, it would have been much easier to lodge an application for the shed with the house application.  I suppose they were worried we might want to live in it, or as it was suggested, it would make a good hydroponics shed… So after explaining that it was to house Graeme’s collection and to keep the straw bales dry during the build, the application was approved….by which time the weather had turned.  Tasmania had one of the wettest winters in years – great! 

Getting into the property proved to be a challenge with the sodden dirt driveway being cut up each time a concrete truck arrived, resulting in the last truck not being able to deliver the last load of concrete. That was back in May 2011.  Fast forward to November 2011, around about our arrival date, the last load finally got poured, after the driveway was repaired yet again.  The builder told us that by pouring the top layer with a big break in between would make a really hard surface in the long run, but to be honest we could have done without the grief.  Building commenced in December with 95% of the work completed by early January.  The alternate guttering Graeme ordered is proving to be the final challenge in completing the shed.

We have now applied to have the power put onto the shed and house site, and await the delivery of water tanks.  Once the water tanks are in place, we will be able to take delivery of the 40ft container that still awaits us on the Hobart docks.

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