Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Move

The move took place over a period of 12 months.  Knowing the amount of ‘stuff’ we had, Graeme purchased a 40ft container and friends of ours out at The Oaks kindly agreed to let us park the container on their property.  I am sure they probably thought they’d never see the back of it, but 12 months on, the semi-trailer rocked up and loaded on a much heavier box than when it was first dumped there.  Graeme spent literally weeks of his life packing up his garage and gathering up bits from friend’s garages and then transporting them on the 90km round trip to The Oaks. 

He fitted out the container with a mezzanine so all his garage stuff could be tied down to the floor and all the household effects could be boxed up and stored on the mezzanine.  About a third of the container was left free at the front for packing the furniture, which we used professional removalists  for. 

About a week before we left for Tasmania, the semi-trailer picked up our worldly possessions and transported them down to the docks. We assumed the container arrived before we did in Tasmania. Currently it is still at the docks in Hobart, awaiting the site to be prepared next to the shed.

We left Sydney on the 13th of November in convoy.  Honestly it looked like the gypsies were coming to town.  Graeme drove the ute packed to the hilt and towing the Model A Ford, whilst I drove the Commodore with the two kids (just in case I got lonely) and towed the Austin 7 Chummy. We stopped off in Canberra for a few days after leaving Sydney to say our farewells to family and friends there. We then headed down the highway stopping overnight in Chiltern, before our voyage to Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania.  Arriving in Tassie on Friday the 18th of November, we headed straight to our property at Collins Cap to be greeted by lots of rain…so we ate our lunch inside the car until the rain cleared.  That first week we hired a campervan to stay in whilst we got the shack all ready for habitation!

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