Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Build - Wk 22

Early this week, all the strawbales were relocated from the shed to the carport and went close to filling it!   Only one mouse nest was found and all the ratsak had been eaten!  One pesky mouse was found to have chewed away through the expanding foam Graeme had sprayed all around the exterior of the shed…the smell of the straw was too much to resist!  Prior to putting the strawbale in, a runway was put in place on the verandah to allow for easy access.  Next job was to feed all the straps under the ladders for later compression of the bales.  Also the ladders were filled with Perlite, a type of absorbent bead.
Late Wednesday morning I arrived home to find the first strawbale wall in place in the fourth bedroom….it looked great. By the end of the week a good proportion of the walls were in place.

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