Monday, May 14, 2012

The Build - Wk 19

This week the roof started to go on…yay! By the end of the week, we had all the verandah roof, the carport roof and the tall southern side of the roof in place.  Phil told me when he ordered the roofing material, the supplier asked him to double check the verandah measurements as there was 70 meters of tin required for the verandah alone! So to my friend Justin at dancing…you were asking me where the dance floor was…seems to me the outside verandah is looking very good for summer tea dances J

A timely visit from the engineer on Monday and he advised that every baton had to be fasted down…with the wind we have been having lately, I understand why. So Graeme spent a few days up very high ladders, you guessed it…fastening!

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